Jason Alexander, Jeff Bridges and The Bubble Boy are in the harsh glare of The Foxlight.

It sounds like a get rich quick scheme George Costanza would cook up, but someone actually offered Jason Alexander $50,000 for the glasses he wore on Seinfeld. He turned them down. Alexander told Men's Health Magazine you have to hold on to mementos because they're part of your past. Call him after the premiere of Bob Patterson.

Actor Jeff Bridges says he gets permission from his kids to play some of his more offbeat characters. He tells next month's Cigar Aficionado that his daughters understand he isn't really a pot smoking slacker like The Dude in The Big Lebowski - or the president in The Contender. Next, he'll star in this fall's K-Pax as a psychiatrist treating a man, played by Kevin Spacey, who thinks he's an alien.

Will all the controversy over The Bubble Boy keep people away? Whether the film is in good taste or not depends on who you ask - Disney says they meant no harm, but the mother of the real bubble boy, who died in 1984, disagrees. Seinfeld, though, used to make bubble boy jokes, and no one complained. Besides, the boycott will probably will just help it at the box office.