Japan's First Lady Wins Award for Denim-Bearing Looks

She's been called Japan's most colorful first lady for her cheerful character and quirky comments. Now the wife of new Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has won an award for looking good — in her jeans.

Miyuki Hatoyama, 66, won the annual prize given to celebrities who look best in denim, along with four Japanese musicians and a Taiwanese actor.

The first lady was recognized for "wearing jeans gracefully, with a bit of a revolutionary touch," according to the Japan Jeans Association, which represents denim importers and manufacturers.

"I have long wished to win the prize, as I'm a big fan of jeans," Hatoyama said.

Japan's past first ladies made few public appearances and wore conservative dresses — rarely even trousers.

Hatoyama, a strong believer in spiritualism, has previously made headlines by saying she met actor Tom Cruise in a previous life and that her soul has traveled to Venus on a UFO.

The former actress said she is trying to change her husband's rather stiff and professor-like appearance.

"I've been encouraging him to wear jeans more often when he can be casual," she said.