Japan to Introduce U.N. Resolution in Protest of North Korea

Japan plans to introduce a U.N. resolution protesting North Korea's missile tests, a news report said Wednesday.

Tokyo was expected to submit the resolution to an emergency U.N. Security Council session being convened over barrage of tests conducted early Wednesday, Kyodo News agency reported from New York, citing several unidentified Security Council officials.

The emergency session is scheduled to begin Wednesday at 10 a.m. EDT (1400 GMT).

North Korea on Wednesday test-launched six missiles, including a long-range Taepodong-2 believed capable of reaching the United States.

None of the missiles made it as far as Japan, all crashing into the Sea of Japan separating the island nation from the Korean Peninsula, officials said.

Both Japan and South Korea protested. Japan called for an emergency U.N. Security Council meeting. South Korea said the tests would further deepen its neighbor's international isolation.