Janet Jackson, the Wayans Brothers and Julia Roberts are all in the bright celebrity bonfire of The Foxlight.

Janet Jackson says she's boring compared to some of the other members of her family - and she's not sure what a tell-all book about her would tell. She told Larry King on Monday that if her estranged husband does make good on the threat to write a book, she'll take it in stride.

Janet's dating and likes it, but says she probably intimidates guys. Plus, get this: she usually asks the guys out - and has yet to be rejected. Most revealing? She wishes her whole family was closer, but said she probably would never collaborate with brother Michael again.

Shawn Wayans had to think twice before putting on a red dress and black wig to spoof What Lies Beneath in Scary Movie 2. Wayans was tired of the gay jokes about his character in the first movie, but decided that he wasn't going to pass up a good gag - even if it was at his expense.

Scary Movie 2 spoofs everything from ghost movies to Charlie's Angels - and even Wilson the volleyball from Cast Away. They weren't supposed to do a sequel, but the brothers say if the former president can lie, so can they.

Where has Julia been while she's getting over Benjamin Bratt? The New York Post says she turned to an old country song - her ex-husband Lyle Lovett. America's sweetheart reportedly flew to Nashville for a few days of shopping and some cozy dinners. Lovett and the Runaway Bride were married in 1993, but divorced a year later.