Jay Kay (search), lead singer of pop band Jamiroquai (search), pleaded guilty to driving over the speed limit.

The musician, whose full name is Jason Kay, didn't appear in court Monday in this city in central Scotland. He was represented at the hearing by his lawyer, John McLaughlin, who said the singer was in New York for a recording.

Kay, who has previously been convicted of driving offenses, faces losing his license for the speeding incident.

In a letter to the court, Kay explained why he overtook a string of cars on a road near Perth on Feb. 26, exceeding the 70 mph speed limit. Police officers recorded that his four-wheel drive vehicle was traveling at 105 mph.

"I'd set out early in the morning but had become stuck behind slow moving traffic on the single-carriageway road," the 34-year-old said in the letter.

"That meant I had been traveling for four hours at an average of about 30 miles an hour by this stage. I was not driving a fast sports car but a four-wheel drive vehicle which meant I wanted to make the most of this overtaking opportunity.

"I appreciate the maximum penalty for this offense could lead to the loss of my license and this is a matter of grave concern to me," Kay wrote.

Sheriff Michael Fletcher ordered that Kay appear before the court in person for sentencing on Sept. 6.