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Tuesday's show was all about the elections… and a little football to boot.

If you are a pigskin fan, you had to have been checking your pulse to see if you were alive or ascended to heaven, as Tiki Barber and Larry Johnson shared the set on "FOX & Friends First." Tiki, of course, was the host and the Kansas City running back was the guest. Although many of you could not get passed his crooked hat, I have to say that Johnson was a total pro on and off the air. Although they didn't know each other well before the show, I sense Tiki and Johnson will bond at the Pro Bowl.

What a line-up today! Did you watch? Our roster of guests included Joe Lieberman, Terry McAuliffe, Ken Mehlman, Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity.

Wasn't Kiran great at the Country Music Awards? And what a brilliant move buying cowboy boots "before" the show so she could get reimbursed and/or at least write it off.

We should have a great show Wednesday with the best guest roster in Morning TV — certainly the best show.

Attention Texas: Steve's in your state this weekend — yes, in the cities of Dallas and Houston.

I know you like photos — so click here for some new shots from the big Tampa show!

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