Jam-Packed Holiday-Shortened Week

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What a jam-packed holiday-shortened week on "FOX & Friends" we just wrapped up.

One of the highlights had to be the interviews and quality time spent with TV legend Alan Alda. He wrote a great book and was so interesting, open and funny on the U-shaped couch.

We also found a mission and a cause to fight for this week: The plight of wounded vet Jordan Fox. Jordan lost sight in one eye and is still dealing with back wounds when he got a letter form the Army asking for a portion of his signing bonus back: $3,000. This is flat out wrong. The Pentagon knew it and also found out other refund letters to other wounded vets were out there. So, this morning, Brig. Gen. Tucker announced a hotline and a promise that Jordan Fox and any other wounded solider would not be asked to give back his cash.

We also covered some of the most bizarre stories I can remembering covering. For example, the British guy who convinced his girlfriend to let him break her leg so they could sue and collect from the city. We also showed you footage of a University of Florida speech Alberto Gonzales was giving when two students stormed the stage dressed as prisoners.

And, speaking of behaving badly, how about the N.Y. Jets fans harassing, spitting on and abusing a 28-year-old woman who would not take her top off? This underlines another issue and that's the bad behavior of fans in the stands in all cities.

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Now, for my request for your call to action: Please send your books bought or used to a great program called Books for Soldiers. The address:

Janet Cagle
Books for Soldiers
1410 Asa Drive
Paragould, Arkansas 10036


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