'Jackass' Daredevil Steve-O Says Sobriety Won't Stop Stunts

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Sobriety won't change some things about Steve-O — the daredevil prankster says he could still perform many of the radical stunts that made him famous.

"I can do what I've done in the past," the 34-year-old said after appearing in a Los Angeles criminal courtroom for a Tuesday hearing, where his attorney gave a progress report on Steve-O's recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

The judge said he wanted to see the stuntman, whose real name is Stephen Glover, again in about two months. The updates are required after Glover pleaded guilty to cocaine possession in early June.

Glover dressed for Tuesday's hearing in blue jeans, sneakers and a button-down shirt that barely concealed a hospital wristband.

On July 3, he posted a MySpace missive saying he had checked himself back into a treatment facility. He said Tuesday he did so on the advice of his psychiatrist.

"I did a lot of damage to my brain," Glover said, adding he still suffers from bipolar and mood disorders.

His attorney told reporters that Glover has been receiving treatment at a recovery medical hospital, which he declined to identify. But in his raspy voice, Glover described it differently. "I'm in a damn looney bin," he joked.

He acknowledged the treatment has changed how he views things.

"I adjusted my sense of what's acceptable and unacceptable," Glover said.

But he maintains that he can still do many of the audacious pranks that made him a household name as the host of the MTV show "Jackass."

He said his addiction didn't drive many of the stunts anyway — the show's executives wouldn't allow characters to perform if they were impaired.

He solemnly remarked that he wasn't sure he was up for performing more grandiose stunts, though.

He said that's not his main focus right now anyway. "What I'm working on now is maintaining sobriety."