J-Lo and Ben, Stallone Busting Blockbusters and the Buzz Over Seabiscuit

J-Lo (search) and Ben's finances, Stallone busting on this summer's blockbusters and the buzz over Seabiscuit in the Foxlight.

So J-Lo says Ben wears the pants in the family? Well not the legal pair according to oen British Web site. J-Lo gets Ben's multi-million dollar paycheck for Gigli (search) if he calls off the wedding. That's odd because isn't she already worth a lot more than he is? Another report says the pair had a big blow out over how J-Lo should handle firing her longtime manager, Bennie Medina. And another setback for Jenny's block: Her childhood home in the Bronx was badly burned late last week. The new owners say they'll rebuild, and they comfort the nation with this quote. "The J.Lo room is perfect. It just lost it's windows." Whew!

Sylvester Stallone (search) says 'yes' there will be a Rocky 6. He's working on a script now. Who does he take on in the ring, Abe Vigoda? Stallone also took swipes at this summer's blockbusters. He says if you edited Charlie's Angels, The Hulk, X-Men and Bad Boys 2 together you could release it in Russia and no one would know the difference.

Finally, he was a great Spider-Man but will Tobey Maguiure win, place or show in Seabiscuit? One critic who asks to be anonymous says the film looks beautiful. Uh-oh. Hold all tickets, there's going to be a steward's inquiry.