Well, it took them a few days, but the far-left Times is now pounding the drum to get those prisoner abuse pictures released to the world.

In its lead editorial Sunday, the paper wrote: "Just as Mr. Obama was wrong to reverse field on the military tribunals, he was wrong do so on the release of the photographs showing American soldiers abusing prisoners ... These pictures will come out through the courts or through the press. It is better for those same soldiers for Mr. Obama to release them ..."

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Of course, that is insane, and just about every military adviser in the Obama administration knows that, which is why the president acceded to their wishes. Any abuse pictures will harm the American military.

Is The Times crazy? No, it has a plan.

The New York Times simply wants another trumped-up scandal it can blame on Bush in order to further damage the Republican Party. The crazy paper could not care less about the safety of American forces.

It is time for American vets to get involved here. You guys have power. You can confront organizations like The Times and NBC News, which are pushing to have the pictures released. I hope the vets will stand up for their comrades in the field.

And then there's the Obama-ACORN connection. There are allegations that The Times killed a story last fall connecting the Obama campaign to ACORN, which is currently under investigation in 14 states for various campaign illegalities.

On April 1, we reported this:


O'REILLY: Last fall before Election Day, The New York Times was investigating ACORN's ties to the Obama campaign. The Times reporter on the story, Stephanie Strom, called one of her sources and said this:


STEPHANIE STROM, NEW YORK TIMES REPORTER: Hi, Anita, it's Stephanie. I have just been asked by my bosses to stand down. They want me to hold off on coming to Washington. Sorry, I take my orders from higher up sometimes. Anyway, I'm sorry about this, and we'll still be in touch. Take care. And let me know if there's anything I can do to help you. Take care. Bye-bye.



Well, that greatly embarrassed The Times, causing its ombudsman to swing into action.

Clark Hoyt began his investigation. He called us. We gave him the information he asked for and then on Sunday, Hoyt wrote this: "O'Reilly played part of a voicemail message from (Stephanie) Strom to (Anita) MonCrief canceling their appointment but did not tell his viewers that he had deleted the reason: the article running the next day spelling out ACORN's partisanship problems."

Hoyt is implying that I misled "Factor" viewers. Of course, that's a blatant lie.

Immediately after playing the audio tape, I told you this:


O'REILLY: To be fair, The Times did run a story before the election about ACORN's partisan approach, but stopped there.


So Hoyt writes I didn't tell you about the article I told you about. Am I in "The Twilight Zone"?

As far as what we edited for time, here it is:


STROM: We're running a story tonight for tomorrow that pretty well lays out the partisanship problems that Project Vote may have based on a report that I got. So they think that that's going to — that's going to be the story about the partisanship issue.


Which, of course, again, is exactly what I said on camera in front of millions.

Now, we asked Hoyt to come on the program, but of course he's hiding under his desk. How could he possibly defend his deceit?

Still don't believe me? Well, there is an e-mail from Times reporter Strom to Ms. MonCrief that says: "Am also onto Obama connection, sadly. Would love to have the donor lists. As for helping the Republicans, they're already onto this like white on rice. SIGH!"

That sounds like an objective reporter, does it not?

And here's what Clark Hoyt, the ombudsman, wrote about that: "Was Strom betraying her own political leanings or was she expressing sympathy for MonCrief, who was unhappy about possibly hurting her own candidate? Strom said she does not know what was on her mind eight months ago."

Yeah, sure.

The New York Times is a dishonest publication in business to promote a far-left point of view. Strong evidence suggests the paper killed a story linking ACORN to some Obama people. Instead they ran a general piece stating ACORN has a left-wing bias, knowing that story would be largely ignored while the Obama connection would not be.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is media corruption.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

As you may know, a female horse named Rachel Alexandra won the Preakness on Saturday.

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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The filly trying to hold on. She's clear but free. Mine that Bird right there. Here's the winner! And the filly did it! Rachel Alexandra has defeated the Kentucky Derby winner, Mine That Bird, by three-quarters of a length.


That is just the first time in 85 years that a filly has won the Preakness, and so Rachel Alexandra is a patriot.

On the pinhead front, actress Megan Fox became famous in the "Transformers" movies, and now she is getting a lot of attention because of her outspokennes.

In Esquire magazine she commented on fellow actress Olivia Wilde from "House": "I could see myself in a relationship with a girl — Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands."

So far no comment from the mountain ox lobby, but we believe they might consider Ms. Fox, which rhymes with ox, a pinhead.

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