It's Human Nature to Forget

Another plot foiled. Another horror avoided.

Countless lives saved. Life moves on. And we move on. Scared for the moment and soon forgetting the moment.

Just like so soon after September 11th, we forgot September 11th.

Highly guarded tunnels became less guarded.

Overly policed crosswalks were suddenly not policed at all.

Crises that grip us soon turned into crises forgotten by virtually all of us.

There's something good to be said of that, our inherent ability to gloss over bad stuff, then move onto good stuff. But sometimes I just wish we'd think more about the bad stuff and revel less in the good stuff, assuming the latter is life and the former is not.

I just want us all to think very hard of what could have been:

Hundreds of people killed in the skies.

Hundreds of planes stopped on the ground.

An industry frozen.

Countless economies stopped.

We were that close. But our intelligence guys were that good.

Of course, we never remember the accidents that didn't happen, only the ones that do.

It's human nature to forget. Just remember, it's the terrorist's nature to hope we do.

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