When you look at all the stories we did today, a lot of people think they are disconnected from their lives; that they're not happening in their backyard, so why worry about them?

Let me show you that they all do affect us.

California can't balance its budget, so guess who guarantees their bonds and pretty soon everything else they do? It's you — because they're too big to fail.

Then, ACORN won't tell us where taxpayer dollars are going or how they're connected to a slew of left-wing groups. That affects us because ACORN and their powerful union friends get a seat at the bargaining table while we don't.

And, after four months as president, and a long election cycle before that, we still don't know where Barack Obama stands on Israel's place in the Middle East.

It affects us because the stakes couldn't be higher. Call me crazy, but I'd like to know where our president stands when nuclear weapons are involved.

Unfortunately, that's not it. China has started buying up natural resources and divesting its interest in the U.S. I'll show you how this affects us all tomorrow and why your kids should start learning to speak Mandarin.

Everyone likes to think this stuff isn't happening in their backyard. But in a time of globalized economics and politics, it's all your backyard.

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