It's About Living, Stupid

The economy is the subject of Wednesday night's presidential debate (search). But I don't think it's the subject of this year's election.

I know this sounds blasphemous for me, the money guy at FOX, to be saying this, but I don't think this election is about the economy, stupid. I think it's about living, stupid.

I've said it before. I'll say it again: We live in a dangerous world.

Never mind that we haven't been hit since September 11. A lot of other people have: a Beslan (search), Russian school; an Indonesian resort, an Egyptian hotel.

It doesn't matter where you stand on the War on Terror, likely you've been consumed "by" the War on Terror. Turks and Nepalese. Italian contractors and French attaches. They've been kidnapped and butchered, beheaded and dumped. Some of them were just trying to get by. Now their surviving families are just trying to get by.

We all know it's a scary world and, for some, still a scary economy. But it's one thing to fret over a job and quite another to fret over your life.

Quite simply, my friends, you can't enjoy a good life if you don't have a life.

So for me, the numbers guy, the numbers that matter aren't the beats on an assembly line, but the beats of a heart — all our hearts.

Look, we all want to do well, but first, we all have to live.

I'm not dying to find out the next statistic. I'm living first, so that I can.

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