The latest weird and wacky news from around the world:

Is it possible to be stress-free in your bathing suit? It is for Italian women, thanks to a new all-female beach on the Adriatic coast. This 50-mile stretch of beach allows women not to worry if a little cellulite shows or they don’t have on make-up. They can come, relax and look however they want to without worrying about men watching and judging them. Surely this will catch on in America!

He eats hotdogs for a living…now what will he do? Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest winner, Takeru Kobayashi, will not be competing in this year’s contest due to jaw arthritis. While training for the July 4 contest, Kobayashi says he tried to work through the pain, but now his mouth will only open wide enough to fit a fingertip.

Educational films were finally returned to their rightful owner at Michigan’s Holland Museum…34 years late! Employees of the museum were curious as to why the films took two decades to reach their final destination. The Holland postmaster said the re-emergence of the films was thanks to spring-cleaning.

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