Rush Limbaugh to New York: "Drop dead. I'm leaving." New York to Rush: "Don't let the screen door hit you on the way out."

And with that, New York Governor David Paterson laughed off a millionaire packing up and heading out. Paterson even found it funny.

"If I knew that would be the result," he said of Rush's leaving, "I would've thought about the taxes earlier." Everyone laughed. Why?

Because this isn't about a broadcaster named Rush, but a tax hiking rage for which politicians seem in such a rush. The governor is free to laugh off Rush bolting from a fancy Fifth Avenue penthouse condominium.

Clearly, the gov's not a fan of Rush. But I suspect he is a fan of Rush's money. He's going to need it. And now he won't have it. And if other rich guys join Rush, guys like Donald Trump....he won't have a lot of it, or them.

Then what will become of the governor's millionaire tax for which $300,000 is enough to qualify? If you can't stick it to the rich who are bolting, how much lower on the financial food chain are you going to have to be moving? Because you better move fast, governor.

I suspect what happened with Rush won't stay with Rush. But the governor chooses not to pick a fight with Donald, just Rush. Even though others will be wandering, who have nowhere near the money of Rush.

But Governor Paterson, you don't see that. You see Rush. And you want the always compliant media to see Rush. And only Rush. And then laugh at Rush. And their hatred of Rush. And their love of anything hated by Rush.

If only they'd stop rushing to conclusions. Because this isn't about a broadcaster who could easily afford to keep a pad here but won't, but many who barely could and are wondering now if they will.

If they follow Rush, it won't be funny, governor. For you and your state, it won't be funny, at all.

Sad, yes. Funny, no.

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