Before you celebrate Rick Wagoner getting his just desserts, think about who just heaved him: the government. More to the point: the president of the United States.

Think about that. The leader of a country firing the leader of a business. Arguing since taxpayer dollars were involved, the leader of the country had perfect right firing the leader of the business getting those tax dollars.

Just like he had the same right to force Chrysler to merge with Fiat. And U.S. companies that have operations abroad to pay dearly for it here.

Justifying these Chavezian grabs for power on the notion that it is our money, misses an even greater point: It's no longer our country.

Not when the government routinely rescues businesses, then can justify running those businesses, what folks get paid at those businesses, whether they get bonuses at those businesses, and even -- in the case of the GM chairman -- whether they should be removed from those businesses.

It's no wonder Goldman Sachs wants to give back bailout dough it never wanted, but now isn't even permitted to return.

I see a pattern here: First, setting salary guidelines for executives at companies rescued by the government, then slipping in language extending such guidelines for companies that deal with companies rescued by the government.

This isn't a dash to lash. This is a dash for cash.

I cannot believe even the most fervent Obama supporter voted for this because — hear me out on this — when those in government who have a tough enough time policing their own books, start policing others' books, what new chapters have yet to be written?

Drug prices get out of whack; whack the drug companies.

Gas prices move up as demand moves up; heave the gas guys out.

No, this isn't about doing what is right for America. This is about destroying everything that is America.

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