Israeli Attacks in Gaza Kill Two Palestinians

Israeli soldiers killed two Palestinians — at least one of them a militant — and wounded five others, including a 4-year-old boy, in two separate incidents in Gaza City on Tuesday, Palestinian hospital officials said. The army said both slain men were militants.

The Palestinians said one Palestinian was killed in the Shajaiyeh neighborhood in Gaza City when a drone fired a missile at a group of militants. The army said a tank fired a shell at a group of people laying wire on the ground near Israeli soldiers, apparently preparing a bomb.

Hamas said the slain man was a member of the militant group who was filming clashes between Palestinians and the soldiers.

A second Palestinian was killed in the same area by a sniper. The army confirmed shooting that man, and said he was also trying to plant a bomb.

The army has been carrying out a raid near the neighborhood, which borders Israel, since Saturday night.

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