Israel Has One Friend in This World

It's not that I side with the Palestinians entirely, but I'm getting a little annoyed with the Israelis.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ignores President Bush, disses Secretary of State Colin Powell. You could say he's always been... well... pugnacious.

Even Israel's peaceniks are ticked at the U.S. for trying to restrain them from smashing the Palestinians so bad that no one in the rest of the world will have cooperative relations with either Israel or the U.S.

What exactly does that accomplish?

The U.S. is presently trying to cobble up world support — and a big part of that is Arab support — for whacking Saddam Hussein.

In its zeal to protect itself from suicide bombers, Israel is pushing that urgent chore to the far back burner, tickling the hell out of Saddam, annoying Bush, and relieving the quisling Arab states of what would otherwise be their duty to help the U.S. rid their region of a power that threatens them first, and the rest of the world second.

Really... why would Morocco want a Saddam Hussein in the full glory of his power? You think he likes kings? The Saudis should be first in line to help us crack him on the head, but no... this Palestinian thing has to be settled first.

Pardon me for being so stupid, but don't the Israelis notice that Saddam wants them gone? Sure, they have a few nukes and could probably hold him off for a time… but hey, America is their true friend. Most everybody in this country supports them, not just the minority of Jewish Americans. So if Israel loses America as a true friend, who will they turn to?

The French? The Germans? The Belgians? The Spanish? Give me a break. For all their sweet talk, they're glad the Jews largely vacated Europe.

Israel has one friend in the world and it's the U.S. And it needs to protect its good friend by making certain its good friend is not being hammered for being a good friend.

My guess is the foregoing is more or less what Powell will say to Sharon.

Powell is going to speak to Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat too. Arafat is not what we call a good friend. (After all, some high placed Americans think he actually ordered the execution of American diplomats 30 years ago.)

So what I think Powell will say to Arafat is: Don't push your luck, bub. We could always turn the Israelis loose and let them do whatever they want. Get it?

That's My Word.

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