The newest addition to the Israeli non-lethal arsenal is called the "Scream" — a device security forces use to blast a focused beam of sound intended to chase off anyone in its path.

The Israeli Army has already used it on Palestinians and may use it on Israeli settlers opposed to the Gaza (search) pullout, military officials said.

"It makes you unstable and dizzy and feel that you want to throw up," Muhammed el Khatib told FOX News.

Israeli officials said part of the Scream's purpose is to prevent large-scale demonstrations. If police or the military sees a crowd forming and expects trouble, they can blast protesters with the high-tech gadget and disperse the crowd before it gets too large to control.

The Israeli Army (search) developed the Scream under pressure to minimize civilian casualties.

"The system produces a sound that no human being can stand for a long time. This causes those gatherings of citizens to disperse, and we don't harm them," an Israel military commander explained to FOX News.

FOX News watched authorities put the Scream to use recently against a group of Palestinians protesting the West Bank separation barrier.

Because the sound blasts in one direction, soldiers were able to line up behind the Scream and point the device at the crowd. But demonstrators knew what was coming and covered their ears.

Soldiers signaled for the operators to stop before they resorted to tear gas and stun grenades.

The Scream can damage hearing if someone is exposed to it for a long time, but Israeli officials said it is a useful tool when trying to control crowds and minimize injuries.

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