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How many shows could have Donald Trump come by for 30 minutes and Ken Burns of PBS stay for 20 minutes yet still break down the Iranian president's address in New York and the NFL’s lightly dressed cheerleaders around the League? The answer is no one, but the good news is no one else is even trying.

Alexis Glick of the soon to be Fox Business Network spelled Gretchen for today and you could tell she’ll be great in the mornings for her station.

Overall there was a great spirit to the show today because I believe we did not have the divisive issues to get heated about. With this nation exposed to the rants of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad both red and blue sites were united in their disdain. At least that’s what your e-mail indicated.

What I was interested in learning this morning is that the Clintons flexed their muscle with GQ magazine this summer. As they were preparing to chronicle the ugly side of the "Hillary for President" team, the Hillary camp is said too have put the brakes on it — threatening to pull Bill from his interview and the magazine's December cover if they don’t hold off and burn the story about trouble behind the scenes at the Hill for President headquarters. How bad could it have been for them to squelch it a year out of the general election and months ahead of the first primary?

Finally, Roger Goodell gets a break — a chance to make us all smile by issuing a ban at the distracting practices of the NFL cheerleaders on the opposing team. Now the scantily clad cheerers have to limber up out of the view of the away team because they are having trouble concentrating. I have seen some of these cheerleaders and let me tell you they are a living, breathing distraction. But before a game you could march a parade of strippers and underwear models by the sideline and I would not even notice. Any pro that loses focus because they have hot women around them is not a true pro.

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