After nine months together, it looks like Paris Hilton has split from the man she once declared as the love of her life, Benji Madden.

The hotel heiress hasn’t been seen with the Good Charlotte rocker for over a week, and both have been hitting up Hollywood hotspots separately, sparking speculation that they’d entered splitsville. A source close to the couple told Tarts that the star-studded duo is pretty much kaput.

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Reps for the couple did not respond to a request for comment.

So went wrong between the joined-at-the-lip twosome? It seems that Hilton and Madden recently sealed a rumored six-figure deal to swing by Australia on New Year's Eve to attend the launch party for a new social online networking system, Bongo Virus. Paris is booked to be the host of the bash, while Benji is set to do the spinning.

According to an insider associated with the Australian company, Prince William may have had plans to meet up with Paris to ring in the New Year, having spent quite some time with her while she's been filming her "My BFF" show in London.

"For security reasons, he won't confirm his attendance until just before, but we're told he is pretty keen to meet up with Paris," said the source.

Bongo Virus confirmed that Prince William had been invited to the New Year's Eve bash, but declined further comment. A rep for the Royal Family could not be reached.

"We aren't that worried if Benji and Paris don't want to come together," said our insider. "But we know Paris will definitely be there, and we can't wait."

So did Prince William's extra attention irk Benji? According to an inside source, the ultra-quiet Benji can be well, kind of controlling, which apparently played a significant role in his split from former fiancée Sophie Monk. And given Paris’s perennial partying lifestyle and love of the nightlife, things just weren’t smooth sailing.

Another source tells Tarts that Nicole Richie never really approved of her childhood friend dating her fiance's twin brother which may have added some strain to the relationship, although Richie previously denied that she had a problem with the relationship.

But it doesn't sound as though Hilton is letting any ofthis get her down. Pop Tarts spotted the 27-year-old partying well into the wee hours of Wednesday morning at West Hollywood hotspot Apple, where she laughed and joked with galpals and went wild dancing on the couches.

Nikki Reed No Longer Embarrassed to Represent America, and Other GQ Party Tidbits

So what tidbits did Pop Tarts hear while hanging out at the GQ "Men of the Year" party in West Hollywood on Tuesday night? Well for starters, we found out what Nikki Reed’s wardrobe will be when she heads off to Europe on Monday to promote "Twilight."

"It’s been difficult being an actress and going to other countries and representing your country and just being embarrassed, embarrassed all the time," the 20-year-old said in regards to her not-so stimulated American Pride prior to Obama’s election. "But now I’m leaving for Europe on Monday to do press for "Twilight" and I’m wearing a big Obama sticker on my back."

Speaking of making movies, Aaron Eckhart just wrapped filming the chick-flick "Traveling" alongside Jennifer Aniston and seemed to be very smitten by the former "Friend."

"Jennifer is a peach, she’s such a wonderful amazing woman to work with," Eckhart gushed. "Her reputation is well justified." As for English heartthrob Jason Statham, his motivation for coming out to party was pretty simple.

"The free beer."

Olga Kurylenko Won't Even Kiss on First Dates

She’s heating up movie theaters in her role in the latest James Bond installment "Quantum of Solace," but it doesn’t sound as though Olga Kurylenko has all that much fun disrobing in front of the cameras.

"You have to block it out. I don’t like taking of my clothes and running around naked," the Ukrainian actress told the December issue of Maxim magazine, adding that filming was also pretty uncomfortable in a bumps and bruises kinda way.

"I got hurt because I was almost doing it for real (the stunts), like when you see me get thrown to the floor, I’m actually smashing onto the floor," she said. "In the movie it’s one second, but we do it for half a day, so you’re falling again and again and again."

(Olga also told Tarts that her Bond training regime involved four hours of intense training everyday for a good six months. Yikes.)

And for any men fortunate enough to take Kurylenko out in the town, just a word of warning she never has (and never will) kiss on the first date, and falls for what lies beneath the surface…

"To me sexiness comes from the inside. It’s what a man says, his movements, how he behaves, and it’s all about these little things," the 29-year-old told the men’s mag. "Sexiness comes through the eyes. I can’t really explain it. It’s a feeling, a connection."

Brooke Burke: DWTS Making Her Pig Out!

Brooke Burke looks mighty fine as she enters the final stages of "Dancing With the Stars," but unlike most contestants, the 37-year-old Burke was determined not to lose any more pounds off her already pin-thin physique.

"In every way, like there’s nothing like dancing. It’s crazy; everybody goes through various transformations on the show. I’m actually eating more because I don’t want to lose any weight," Burke told Tarts over the weekend. "But dancing eight hours a day there’s just nothing that can compare to it. It’s crazy, crazy."

Speaking of crazy, Burke thinks the show has sent her well, a little mad.

"Every week I ask myself how am I getting through it. It’s crazy, its seven days a week and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done," she added. "It’s stressful and it’s been a really tough season just physically and mentally and I’m going to miss it a lot. It’s almost over."

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