Is Political Extremism is Taking Over Washington?

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This is a partial transcript from "The O'Reilly Factor," November 11, 2005, that has been edited for clarity.

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JOHN GIBSON, GUEST HOST: In the "Personal Story" segment tonight, forget anti-American hatred abroad. A new book says the dangerous hate-America-first attitude among left-wing extremists right here at home has become epidemic.

Tammy Bruce is the author of "The New American Revolution: Using the Power of the Individual to Save Our Nation from Extremists." Tammy joins us now from Los Angeles.

Tammy, congratulations on the book. Now...


GIBSON: ...what do you mean hate America first among our own left wingers here?

BRUCE: Well, it's obvious. And even the back biting and the sniping in the last segment, Americans are tired — sick and tired if you will, of these kinds of debates that go on that really don't touch the lives of regular Americans.

I contend that on September 11th, this nation woke up. We knew our foreign policy changed. What I'm suggesting is that Americans individual by individual, we woke up from a cultural coma. We had realized that we'd given up this nation for the past four decades to the left as they hijacked our culture. We finally understood that tomorrow is not guaranteed. And over the last four years, we've noticed a cultural change, if you will, affecting newspaper circulation, the profits of The New York Times, Hollywood has had its worst box office season almost in its history, as well as the fact that Washington itself is reeling from an American population that is making different kinds of decisions.

I think as an example, John, The Minuteman Project is a very good example that we realize now that the government can't necessarily keep us safe, that we've got to be in charge of our own future. And we're going to be doing something about it.

And my book really encourages a continuation of this revolution, encourages an embracement of American nationalism so that we can take this dialogue back, if you will, from people like Howard Dean, and George Soros on one side, and Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson on the other.

GIBSON: You know, Tammy, as you know, Americans are moved in to individual action all the time. Why do you think the left is on the run? Why do you think as you might put it right-thinking Americans are chasing them down? What are the signs that this is happening?

BRUCE: Well, you know, already we're looking at — and the president's finding this out — that people are less devoted to party politics, if you will. They're looking at an issue primarily of being Americans first.

And the left historically in every country it's parasitically invaded when they realize they're on the losing end, they begin to become panicked. And you see that in the result of the public dialogue.

Regular Americans again are — it's transcending party politics. It is transcending the arguments, a rejection of the arguments of George Soros as example. We are rejecting Hollywood en masse.

And when it comes to Washington, the president is supported because of his war in Iraq because of our deciding that preemptive action is more important than what the Democrats - and I'm a Democrat — what the Democrats are going to have to start to do is stop pandering to the extremists in their midst and realize that Americans have had enough.

In my book, as an example, I do talk about American nationalism, that not only should we not be ashamed of this nation and afraid of our greatness, we need to embrace it and recognize that spreading the values of this country at home are important.

You talked about Wal-Mart. We need to reinforce our values here at home. But absolutely aggressively spread them worldwide.

GIBSON: Tammy.

BRUCE: It is the only way we're going to beat back our current fascist enemy.

GIBSON: Why is the president in the tank in the polls?

BRUCE: Well, why? Because the liberals and leftists control the mainstream media. We saw that through the election last year.

Remember, John Kerry won the election on November 2nd. The press manipulated its polls of John Kerry as we led up into September and October. Newsweek, in particular, pulled a fast one in that regard.

You have a mainstream media like The New York Times, which I call for a tearing down of that institution in my book. In collusion, I contend with the left of this nation, building up to try to impact the president. Americans need to say no to it.

GIBSON: Tammy Bruce author of "The New American Revolution." Tammy, thanks a lot. Appreciate it.

BRUCE: Thank you.

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