What a bird brain.

The photos of Madonna at last night’s Gucci-sponsored Unicef event have me wondering if her recent divorce has sent the pop star flying off the fashion deep end, or if A-Rod is a bird watcher.

Or maybe, this forest green feathered number is simply the beginning of yet another image re-invention. Parakeet chic anyone?

Click for photos of Madonna, Blake Lively, Rihanna and more at last night's Gucci/UNICEF event.

Whatever it may be, our usually fashionable friend looks ridiculous in this rumored YSL number (Madge is their new spokesperson), fishnets and multi bangle bracelets.

Hey, I would still die for her arms, her shoes are fabulous, and her hair and make-up look great. But when it comes to her ensemble, I’d like to know - what was she thinking?

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