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The most popular show in the history of cable television is about to take a big hit, if we can believe a magazine report.

OK! Magazine is reporting that Vanessa Hudgens, one of the stars of the wildly popular "High School Musical" series, is about to be dumped by Disney. We cannot confirm this. Her people are denying it, and Disney is denying it, for now.

But the OK! Magazine report has some logic behind it that somebody is going to have to overcome for me to not believe the reported firing is probably true.

First of all, Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Zac Efron play a young couple in the "High School Musical" series, which has been a huge hit with people of all ages, but especially young people. This is a TV presentation that parents can sit down and watch with their kids, and not be surprised by any of the things that tend to show up in media aimed at kids these days: sex, nudity, drugs, guns. You know the drill.

The best part is kids seem to like it a lot, despite the fact it doesn't have the stuff that is being sold to kids in almost any other entertainment venue. So why would Disney want to dump the wholesome and popular Vanessa?

Well, Internet photos of "Miss Wholesome" naked in a bedroom looking like the stuff you don't want you kids watching recently appeared. Any adult knows what these scenes look like.

Some meanie did this to Vanessa. No reason somebody should have made those private pictures public except to hurt her. And they did hurt her.

But the point is that when these career-ending pictures were taken, she was smiling into the camera making no attempt to stop somebody — one presumes a boyfriend — from taking her picture entirely nude. She didn't deny they were real, and those pics are evidently taking a toll in the executive suites at Disney.

Moral of the story: No good comes out of pictures in intimate moments. They are, per se, not good — unless your career is public exhibitionism.

Sorry for Vanessa. She'll recover eventually, but looks like it could be pink slip time right now.

That's My Word.

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