Iraq is a nation in transition from dictatorship to democracy, and Iraqis are on the move as they try to bring stability and peace to their home.

FOX News' Heather Nauert recently traveled to Iraq to take an in-depth look, not at the violence that still haunts Iraq, but at the steps being taken to restore a more normal life.

Click on the highlighted sections below to read overviews of each of the three parts in the series, and click on the video portions in the box to the right to watch Nauert's reports.

Iraq Moves Ahead

The headlines and pictures from Iraq are grim these days, especially with the surge in violence as the national election approaches. But progress is being made in pockets across the country.

Libraries have expanded, women’s centers have cropped up and in a northern city called Irbil, an international airport is opening in the hopes that the region will one day promote tourism.

Iraqis Train to Be Elite Security Fighters

Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds are working together to protect their homeland. And they’re trained by American soldiers to do it.

FOX News spent a few days watching the unit train to become part of Iraq’s security force, which currently has 120,000 members and a small but growing number of skilled fighters from all parts of the country.

Iraqi Voters Apprehensive but Hopeful

As the January 30 election in Iraq nears, tensions are building and election workers there are scared. Some have been killed.

The interim government admits more attacks are likely as former regime loyalists try to stop the vote from happening. People planning to go to the polls are nervous about security, but election officials say Iraqis are excited about participating.