Insurgents in Iraq's violent Anbar province killed two coalition troops during clashes Wednesday, and enemy fire forced two U.S. military aircraft to make emergency landings, the military said.

A spokesman from U.S. military headquarters in Baghdad (search), speaking on condition of anonymity, said U.S. Marine forces clashed with insurgents in several areas of Anbar province (search), west of Baghdad, during the day.

The spokesman said initial reports indicated that two multinational force members died from wounds received during clashes in the province, while two coalition aircraft were forced to make emergency landings.

It was not immediately clear if the two troops died during the aircraft landings. No details were provided on the nationalities of the troops killed nor what type of aircraft that made the landings.

Earlier, the U.S. military said insurgents launched morning attacks on "multiple" U.S. military camps in Ramadi (search), and 10 American service members were injured.

A military spokeswoman also said that two U.S. aircraft were damaged and one pilot injured by small arms fire. The aircraft were recovered, she added.

The condition of the 11 injured U.S. service members was not immediately clear. It was not clear if the two multinational forces reported to have died were among the 11 injured.

The clashes also killed one Iraqi insurgent and wounded another, the spokeswoman said.

U.S. military helicopters routinely patrol Ramadi, Fallujah and other cities in the so-called Sunni Triangle west of Baghdad, an area of intense opposition to the U.S.-led occupation.

During the fighting in Ramadi, a mortar apparently fired toward a U.S. base struck an apartment building, killing one Iraqi woman and injuring seven other people, according to Dr. Alaa al-Aani from Ramadi hospital.