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It's hard to figure out which makes Iranian President Mahmamoud Ahmadinejad worse: promising a new Holocaust on Israel or denying the last one.

Virtually daily rants from Ahmadinejad promise to wipe Israel from the map. Approximately 6 million Jews live in Israel. At the same time, the Iranian president says the World War II Holocaust that killed 6 million Jews didn't really happen.

Today in Iran, Ahmadinejad was hosting a university conference on the Holocaust, demanding evidence from the world to prove the 6 million died and insisting the evidence does not show it ever occurred.

This is all part of his argument that even if the Holocaust did happen — and he says evidence shows it probably didn't — there is no reason to have given Jews what he calls Muslim land, aka Israel.

In fact, he says the Holocaust is an excuse for the creation of Israel and it is nothing more than a myth to justify disenfranchising a few million Muslims.

This is all part of his big lie. Repeated often enough, a message delivered with fury and fire that will justify Iran using its new power as a nuclear nation to make Israel go away.

Why not give Jews land in Europe he asks? If the Holocuast happened, that's where it happened, so why did the world give the state of Israel the land of Muslims?

Never mind his arguments — they're all bogus. The Holocaust did happen — incontrovertible fact. Israel is where it is because of four thousand years of history and the Jews belief that God gave them that land. The United Nations approved the whole concept.

Now Ahmadinejad wants to undo all that and the way he starts is by denying the Holocaust. Remove that and Western nations are, in his view, relieved of the guilt that caused them to vote for the creation of Israel.

The whole line is outrageous, but people — like the Iranian president — believe in the big lie. Tell it often enough and big enough and many, many people will believe it. He is counting on Iranian youth believing it and soon most Iranians will believe it.

It's outrageous and it's another reason we shouldn't have direct negotiations with him. We would seem to be endorsing his lies just by sitting down with him.

That's My Word.

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