If Saddam Hussein (search) had been in possession of a nuclear bomb at the end of 2002, do you think George W. Bush would have invaded?

No and the reason is obvious. Just one of those bombs, set off in the right spot, could have killed tens of thousands of Americans. No president can order troops into a battle that will result in thirty or forty thousand deaths.

That's the reason North Korea (search) won't be invaded. The Kim Jong nut-job could set off a bomb hauled down the road on a donkey cart and kill thousands of Americans. Wonder why we're pulling American troops out of the area of the DMZ? For that precise reason.

In fact, you could make an argument that the exact reason there was an Iraq invasion was that Saddam Hussein didn't have a nuke bomb. A couple more years and he might have gotten one, and then... game over.

So, ask yourself if we should believe the Iranians (search) when they say they'll go along with the latest deal to get them to stop building a nuke bomb. The answer has to be no.

For the Iranians it is so super, super important to finish work on the bomb, a few crumby lies to chumps like Britain, France and Germany and the U.S. — if we believe them — is nothing. Just nothing.

For the mullahs, the bomb is so important they are obligated to lie to us and that is what they are doing. They are looking us in the eye and lying their teeth off and they're not going to breathe easy until they've lied long enough and hard enough that they've bought enough time to finish their bomb.

Then they get to tell us to stick it. They know we'll never invade if they've got a bomb. We probably wouldn't invade anyhow, but then they would be absolutely safe to plot and scheme more spectacular terror than they've already accomplished since they started calling us the "Great Satan."

If Iran has the bomb, then we're back to a policy of deterrence called mutually assured destruction. And that's not of much use with religious zealots who are all to happy to die, as long as we die with them.

That's My Word.

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