Iranian Leader Urges Police to Continue Crackdown Targeting Dress Code, Partying

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is not amused by those who violate the Islamic dress code, and is urging cops to keep up an ongoing crackdown, the AFP news service reported Wednesday.

The crackdown, which began in April, is an attempt to "elevate security in society" with arrests of so-called “thugs,” raids on underground parties, seizure of satellite dishes and street checks of improperly dressed individuals, the AFP reported.

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Thousands of women have been admonished for wearing revealing head scarves and other violations of the Islamic dress code, in which Muslim women are required to keep their hair and body covered.

Nineteen men have been hanged in Tehran and Mashhad in violation of “arazel va obash,” or those who disturb public security during the crackdown, the AFP reported.