As we've stated, Iowa's more of a media event than anything else. Only about 10 percent of Iowa voters will weigh in tomorrow. So it doesn't mean very much, but the world is watching. And come tomorrow, the presidential horse race will begin in earnest.

But "Talking Points" has no horse in this race at present. We're watching all the candidates, hoping, hoping that one will emerge as a creative problem solver, who's truly looking out for you.

Only John Edwards is on our absurd list. Over the holiday weekend, Edwards once again demonstrated his unbelievable incompetence by suggesting that if elected, he would pull some U.S. forces away from training Iraqi forces. I mean, how dumb is that?

For the first time in almost five years, the military situation is improving in Iraq. And Al Qaeda there is being badly damaged. And you retreat from that? Dangerously irresponsible.

Now we expect John Edwards to be finished in the race shortly. We hope he is, because the USA needs smart leadership in the White House, not a crazed ideologue.

But it's not just Edwards who lacks vision. After the Bhutto assassination in Pakistan, did you hear any of the political candidates put forth a plan to deal with that chaotic country? I didn't and I was paying attention.

On the Democratic side, their big strategy is that Musharraf is corrupt and Bush is an idiot. Well, thanks.

And on the Republican side, the plan seems to be we have to figure out what to do. Thanks again.

"Talking Points" is appealing to all clear thinking Americans to demand specific solutions to complex problems. All this Bush bashing and general hand wringing gets us nowhere.

On New Year's Eve, The New York Times ran an editorial that deplored the terrible shape the USA is in according to that far-left institution. But on the same day, a Gallup poll comes out, says 80 percent of Americans are happy with their lot in life. Call me crazy, but I believe that reflects pretty well on America. I don't believe 80 percent of Pakistanis or Cubans are really happy, do you?

The point is that the media, generally left-leaning, really isn't much interested in you or what's good for you. They're interested in ideologues who promote a liberal cause, or in some cases conservative point of view. That is a complete waste of time. Again, this country needs creative smart leadership. In the next few months, we'll see if that emerges.

And that's the Memo.

Pinheads & Patriots

Time now for "Pinheads & Patriots," the first one in 2008. The Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University in Virginia did a story, a survey I should say on the election coverage thus far. And concluded that FOX News has been the most fairest, the fairest of all towards all the candidates. So the folks at George Mason are patriots, because they defied the far-left nuts who rule academia these days and issued an honest appraisal.

On the pinhead front, you will not believe this one. The TV program "Hannah Montana" and its star, Miley Cyrus, are red hot. Tickets for concerts starring Ms. Cyrus are in great demand.

So Priscilla Ceballos from Dallas entered a contest to try to win Miley tickets for her 6-year-old daughter. The little girl was required to write an essay, and it was so good that she wound up winning four tickets.

One problem: her mother actually wrote the paper and said the little girl's father had been killed in Iraq. Not true. And the excuse Ms. Ceballos gave when caught was that she never said the essay was true.

Pinhead? Extraordinaire.

Another child was awarded the tickets. I feel sorry for her 6-year-old daughter.

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