Intolerance, Rage and Intolerant Rage

So last week, a Muslim protestor who vandalized a war memorial in England walked free after prosecutors said his crimes weren't religiously motivated.

His actions? Spray-painting "Islam will dominate the world," "Osama is on his way" and "kill Gordon Brown."

Yeah, no religious motivations there.

Apparently the punk, Tosheef Shah, must have just randomly come up with those phrases — perhaps overcome by aerosol paint fumes, which is really the manufacturer's fault, when you think about it.

I smell a lawsuit. He probably wanted to write "Babies are awesome" and "Cuddling is groovy."

In his defense, his lawyer claims, "He is just an ordinary guy."

Yeah — ordinary. Which makes one wonder: If his attack is not intolerant, for God's sake: what is?

I guess there are different definitions of intolerance for different people.

Anyway, all of this non-intolerance reminds me of those protesters "demonstrating" last Saturday night at a May Day rally for "workers’ and immigrant rights" in Santa Cruz. See, it's called "demonstrating" because they fit the bill, as demonstrators — i.e. they're jackasses.

But, in fact, they are not demonstrators. They are rioters, who ended up vandalizing 15 businesses, shattering large windows and tagging various buildings — including an Urban Outfitters and a Jamba Juice.

Yeah, a Jamba Juice.

But hey: Different definitions for different people.

It would have been a better, bigger story if they were Tea Partiers. Bummer, media.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophobe who wears slippers made from kittens.

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