Intimidating the Democrats

As we have been reporting, a group of far-left bloggers has succeeded in frightening most of the Democratic presidential candidates and moving the party significantly to the left at least in the primary season.

The lead intimidators are MoveOn, Media Matters and the vicious Daily Kos. These people savagely attack those with whom they disagree. And the politicians don't want to become smear targets.

So most of the Democratic candidates have agreed to speak at the Kos convention this coming weekend, something that is beyond shameful.

I'm now going to show you a picture that was posted on the Kos website for almost a year. The picture is very offensive and you might want to change the channel right now. I'm only going to show this picture once, but it is necessary to demonstrate what kind of haters these Kos people are and why no politician should ever legitimize them.

Because Senator Joseph Lieberman supports tough action against terrorists in Iraq and other places, the Kos website has constantly demeaned him. This disgraceful exhibition is what the Kos traffics in. And decent Americans should condemn this kind of stuff. The fact that these Democratic presidential candidates are supporting a website that would run a picture like that is hard to believe.

Agree with them or not, Senator Lieberman is a patriot and a man of conviction. Right now, he's opposing the loons in the Senate who don't want to protect Americans who report possible terrorist activity from lawsuits. Lieberman deserves respect, not hatred.

It is interesting to note that the far-left San Francisco Chronicle also approves of the Kos tactics. A reporter named Joe Garofoli wrote a very sympathetic story on the hate site and quoted JetBlue spokesman Jenny Dervin as saying, “I misrepresented the airline sponsorship of the Kos convention before JetBlue pulled out.”

That is flat untrue. We've invited Ms. Dervin on "The Factor" for discussion. She declined. And a word to the wise here, madam, our reporting was dead on and your company finally did the right thing. Don't screw it up.

As for The Chronicle, another word to the wise. You are dropping readership faster than any other American newspaper. You also misspelled Ms. Dervin's name in the article. Wise up. Get better.

Finally, a word to the Democrats, who will speak at the Kos convention. That is a huge mistake. And you should apologize to Senator Lieberman, a man you all know. Associating with haters is not going to bring you credibility, and voters will not forget. And that's the "Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day." A media company called Eons -- E-O-N-S -- did a big Internet survey recently, and 4,000 Baby Boomers aged 50-plus answered the call.

Your humble correspondent -- that's me -- was voted the most trusted newsperson in the country by a fairly wide margin, and I appreciate the honor, because I am truly a Baby Boomer.

To prove that, over the weekend, I saw a concert by Anita Baker. Just excellent. And another show featuring The Rascals, the aforementioned Turtles, The Zombies -- British group -- and Mountain with Leslie West and Courtney Lang.

The music was great. The groups worked hard. The crowd loved it. Those of you too young to be Boomers, you ought to check this music out. It's legendary, and there are actually melodies to the songs, which is never ridiculous.

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