Indian Woman Gives Birth to Identical Quadruplets

A 26-year-old Indian computer software programmer has delivered identical quadruplets that have thrived despite being born 10 weeks early, a news agency reported Friday.

The babies weighed between 29 ounces and 34.5 ounces, said Dr. Meena Thiagarajan, a neonatal expert at Apollo Hospital where the deliveries took place.

Despite being born only 29 weeks and three days after being conceived, the babies are now healthy and swiftly gaining weight, said Dr. Siyamala, the hospital's medical services director, who uses a single name.

Identical quadruplets are exceedingly rare.

In Vivekanandan's case, the rarity was greater, the doctor said — all four umbilical chords shared the same placental vessels.

"In this medical condition, the mother carries the risk of fetal loss of all four babies at the same time," said Dr. Siyamala.