Indian Man Who Married Teen Daughter Saved From Lynch Mob

A man who married his teen daughter and impregnated her after he claimed Allah told him to do so barely escaped with his life when he was attacked by a mob of angry villagers, the BBC reported Tuesday.

Afazuddin Ali, 36, married his oldest daughter, 15, after telling his former wife that Allah had ordered the arrangement, the BBC reported. The ex-wife, Sakina Ali, went along with it, saying that Ali was a deeply religious man who “would not lie in the name of Allah.”

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Not convinced of the divine order, outraged villagers in West Bengal, India, nearly lynched Ali for what they called a clear case of incest, the BBC reported. A police team had to rescue the couple.

"We wanted to smash his head, we were so angry,” village leader Sheikh Ramzan told the BBC.

The couple appeared before a magistrate in Jalpaiguri Monday but were released without being charged because the lower court has no jurisdiction over criminal matters, a sub-divisional officer told the BBC.