In The Bedroom, Birthday Girl and Showtime in the DVD glow of The Foxlight.

Sissy Spacek was supposed to win an Oscar for In The Bedroom. New on video this week, you decide. Was this a better performance than Halle Berry in Monster's Ball? I thought so. Both Spacek and Tom Wilkinson won lots of other awards. And here's the stunner: This was Todd Field's directorial debut. Any pressure for his next one? Nah.

Name a recent Nicole Kidman movie and most people would say Moulin Rouge or The Others. But there's one "other." The overlooked and underrated Birthday Girl. Nicky gets slathered in Russian dressing as the shifty mail-order bride of Ben Chaplin. Here's a fun fact: The film was mostly shot in Australia so she could be close to Tom Cruise while he made Mission Impossible II. Ah, those were the days.

Next, after Analyze This and Meet the Parents Robert De Niro is the new 'King of Comedy,' right? Well, rent Showtime and you'll witness a comedic speed bump. With Eddie Murphy and a fairly funny premise -- they star in their own cop reality series -- this should have been a lot better than it is.

Finally, if you're already nostalgic for the 1990's, you know, when your portfolio was in dollars and not cents -- imagine a guy from the 90's who's living like it's the 1920's. Hey, he's got the depression to look forward to. This is the offbeat premise of Man of the Century. Internet buzz claims the idea is funnier than the execution but hey, if you like hats, this is your movie.