In Praise of Saddam

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Most Americans believe that Saddam is better off in jail than in power. But in New York City, one can still strike up conversations with folks who miss Saddam’s days in power.

New York Observer writer George Gurley admits he was “startled by [New York] liberals who seemed to feel that Saddam would make a far peachier president than George W. Bush, and from New York women who admired him, without irony, for his ability to commit.”

Mr. Gurley quotes one starry-eyed magazine editor, “I think [Saddam] is very much open about what he believes and what he will do with his power, which is actually, unlike Bush, who is incredibly duplicitous and lies.”

Publicist Norah Lawlor admires Saddam’s determination, “He gave it his best shot, stuck it out to the end. Other people would have given in. He went right to the end.”

Actually, Saddam did not use his last shot, immediately surrendering his loaded pistol to arresting soldiers.

But that doesn’t turn off a screenwriter named Ryan, who imagines: “It takes nerve to be able to kill people, nerve to be able to feel like they’re playing God, and that is what he’s doing. Hey, you know what? You have to respect an individual for doing that.”

No, Ryan, you don't.

And that's The Observer.

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