This whole foreigners versus the U.S. thing brings out strong feelings. And I won't lie to you: I have clear biases here. I love this country, so I take exception when people criticize this country.

I'm no fool. I know we're not perfect. But I know we're still the last, best hope on this planet.

So to those foreigners who question us, some questions for you:

If we're so greedy, why do you crave our money?

If our culture's so base, why do you seek out our movies?

If our people are so tacky, why do you hunger for our tourism?

If our fast food is so passé, why do your countrymen rarely pass up going to a McDonald's?

If our people are so stupid, why do your people seek out our universities?

If we're so backwards, why do you buy our computers?

If we're so unconcerned about the world, why did we commit $15 billion to wipe outAIDS (search) in this world?

And if we're so selfish, why are we always there when you need us?

Maybe it's just me, but I cannot -- for the life of me -- remember the last time I saw peasants in rickety boats, risking life and limb to come to your country. They risked it all to be in "this" country.

Now, I'm not asking you to love us all days. But maybe think about us this Normandy anniversary day. Dead men do tell tales. Hear them.

Someone said I had a problem with foreigners. That’s not true. I just have a problem with lying and ungrateful ones.

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