Would a city really delay the opening of city government just so staffers could shop at the new Wal-Mart Supercenter? Mayor Al Kelley of Millbrook, Alabama thinks it is a good idea. The Wal-Mart opened on Wednesday and city employees were allowed to come in later for work as long as they brought a paid Wal-Mart receipt back to the office.

Imagine this: A New Hampshire mom gets a call from a school saying her son is in trouble. She goes to the school and both of them end up getting arrested. Police were called to try to calm the student down after he threw a chair across the room. When police tried to arrest him, the mom steps in and begins to assault the officers. They arrest both the mom and son and also find marijuana on the mother! What a nice example she sets.

People love their pets. People in Japan love their dogs in particular. A Japanese nursing home for dogs will open this Friday. This facility is a place where owners can bring their canines to help them through their old age. Owners will pay almost $800 a month and also turn to vitamins, aromatherapy and even acupuncture to help their companions cope with growing old.

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