In Defense of Howard Stern

Just as I've heard from Howard Stern fans, I've heard from many more who don't flip over him or our coverage of him. More than a few of you want to censure him, quiet him or remove him.

I say, those who think that way, should flip the dial past him. You don't like raunchy pay radio, don't buy pay radio.

If you don't like a character on free TV, find another character on free TV.

It's just like this show: If you like it, you stay with it. If you don't, you drop it.

I am my ratings: They're up, I'm good. They're bad, I'm out.

That's the business. And in the business world, you shouldn't coddle a weak industry any more than you ditch a promising one.

Those who try to stifle even the most offensive language risk stifling the stuff for which our forefathers fought.

I think an argument can be made for setting boundaries. It cannot be made for hunting broadcasters.

It's like those parents suing Kellogg's and Nickelodeon for making their kids fat or going after McDonald's for making us fat. For the life of me, no one's ever held a gun to my head while I've downed a Big Mac. And no one's ever held a knife on me while I'm listening to Howard Stern.

Those are my choices, no one else's.

The dirty little secret on dirty words is that we live in a society big enough to accommodate all points of view and bigger still to ignore some points of view.

Not through edict or laws, but through something else: free choice.

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