The commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks will recommend a new Cabinet-level post to oversee the nation's 15 intelligence agencies and control their budgets, say two people familiar with the panel's final report.

The report to be released Thursday makes the case for a director of national intelligence by detailing intelligence failures by the CIA (search) and the FBI that enabled the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to occur, they say. The two would only speak on condition of anonymity because the report has not been made public.

Putting in place a Cabinet official for intelligence would be the most drastic step in structuring the intelligence agencies since the CIA was created after World War II.

In charge of intel: Main man or maintain?

A sample of your responses:

I definitely do not agree that we should have a central security czar, too much room for error with one person in charge.  I believe that we need to perfect the system we have, make sure we have the checks and balances in place.
Barbara W.

To have one man who without watchers,without limits, who would run all of the intelligence agencies. Yeah oh that's a good idea! Look at the problems Tenet got into, and look at the Problems the NSA has had, and the FBI, and look at the moles, spies, and infiltrators in intelligence agencies in the past, also is it really a good thing that one man or woman would have total knowledge on all intelligence matters, this concept states if we put one man in charge of the entire thing, then it will run smoothly, wake up people the man would become more powerful than the President, the man or woman would become the most powerful being on the planet. Just what we need correct bad things, with an even bad-der idea!
John C.

Yeah. Sure. We REALLY need another bureaucrat in Washington.
Bob J.(USAF - Retired)
Randallstown, MD

It seems that if the govt can't still cooperate on intelligence and and national security, how do we expect them to add a layer of supervision or two, that it will get better. You know when the top bosses, i.e. Rumsfeld says its a bad idea, you have to wonder thou
Charles M.
Columbus, GA

NO! It's one more layer between the indians and the big chief, the president. Works just like a corporation, the more layers there are, the less the CEO knows about what is actually going on.
Ellayn C.

How is another layer of bureaucracy going to make intelligence gathering more efficient?  I think that this is a way of managing the perception of change. By layering the 800lb gorilla with a king of gorilla's is not going to make things more effective. Is this Washington's way of creating more jobs?
Joseph R.

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