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Tomorrow I hope to post pictures from our trip to Texas to interview President Bush 41. Because we had a two-hour drive back to Houston after the show and an early flight this morning, I did not have time to download and e-mail the pics for posting.

Monday night, if you watched, you know we interviewed President Bush 41 in his Presidential Library at Texas A&M University in College Station. The topic of the interview was his trip to the earthquake region in Pakistan. He is the United Nations special envoy. His presence in these disaster regions — like former President Clinton's presence — helps immensely to raise money and awareness. Former Presidents can do much to help the world.

We got a surprise visitor(s) — President Bush brought Mrs. Bush and their Springer Spaniel, Sadie, to the interview in the library. I had never met Mrs. Bush before last night. She was very cordial.

As an aside, I had Springer Spaniels growing up so I was pleased to meet Sadie, too. Sadie is very well behaved and obviously did not bark during the interview or you would have heard her. Mrs. Bush and I talked about their other dogs — now dead — Millie and Ranger. Millie was the dog they had in the White House.

Before our live interview, President Bush gave us a short tour of his library. We brought a video camera and will show you that interview tonight. President Bush was very light hearted in our walk through the museum. You could tell he was proud. One display in particular caught my attention — there is actual video on display of when he was rescued after his plane was shot down in WWII.

The director of the museum brought us behind the scenes into the room that holds President Bush's presidential papers. The room was giant so I asked how many pages were there. He said 38 million... maybe more. (When I toured President Clinton's library with President Clinton, he told me how many e-mails are in his library. I can't recall the number — it was huge — but I only mention it to point out that e-mails did not exist during the Bush 41 administration and thus Clinton Library is first to have them.)

Now for an e-mail:

E-mail No. 1 — During the show last night Ted, Bernie and Jeff Brown teased Jim Hammer on air. After the show, I got the following e-mail:

Tonight was the first night in two years that I've reported in sick for the show, but the flu catches up with everyone I guess.
Hearing Bernie, Ted and Jeff rib has me actually speeded my recovery though. Never leave a room with three defense attorneys in it with no prosecutor to keep them in line!
Regarding Dr. Lee, I am skeptical that he has found "new" evidence, but it could that his in person viewing of the scene gave him some new insight into the case. I'm with you Greta — as a prosecutor I went to every murder/crime scene and I always learned something new there. For me the key piece of physical evidence in this case is what/if any blood was found inside the cabin and what/if any pattern it had. That could tell us a lot about what happened to Smith inside the cabin before he went overboard.
Back to recuperating,
Jim Hammer

ANSWER: I called Jim during our two-hour drive back to Houston and he is getting better.

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