Imam at Tampa Mosque Charged With Sexual Battery of 13-Year-Old Boy

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Florida police have charged an Imam at a Tampa mosque with sexual battery after, they said, he molested a 13-year-old boy there over the weekend.

Police said the victim was spending the night at Masjid Omar Al Mukhtar mosque Sunday when he was attacked, reported.

After getting a phone call from the boy’s family, police interviewed him at Tampa General Hospital and arrested 35-year-old Yasser Mohamed Shahade hours later, the station reported.

"That's what makes it the most disturbing, that it's someone who you trust, that you think your kids are safe with and unfortunately they weren't safe," Tampa police spokesperson Andrea Davis told the station.

They supplied no information as to the boy’s condition.

Worshippers at the mosque told they didn’t want to believe the accusations but, in time, the truth would reveal itself.

Shahade reportedly was being held without bail at Falkenburg Road Jail.

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