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JON SCOTT, HOST: Outrage over the traffic death of an Arizona teenager. Police say 16-year-old Kelly Tracy was killed in a near head-on collision by a suspected drunk driver over the weekend. She was on her way to her school parade.

Not only does the suspect Manuel Contreras-Galdean already have one DUI under his belt, he is also in this country illegally. The victim's mother is praying the community will forgive the suspect.


CINDY TRACY, KELLY TRACY'S MOTHER: One of our prayers has been — and we have prayed with the group of people that came to the hospital last night - is that there will be no bitterness in anyone in this towards him. And I think that's really important.


SCOTT: Joining us now, our new FOX News host, Glenn Beck. Wow, when you hear the mother saying something like that, it makes it pretty hard. There is Glenn's book — I should have mentioned that earlier, "The Christmas Sweater" — the new book that's out. But man, you hear the mom say that.

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GLENN BECK, FOX NEWS: You know, it reminds me of — you remember the tragedy with the Amish community when they took the money the people were sending in and they half of it to the family and said they're suffering this as well?

It is a profound thing to be able to forgive like that. However, let's look at now what should happen and should have happened. I can't believe — and it's going to make me a racist and hate-monger and I guess I just hate people who are different than me.

But first of all, the guy is — this is the second time, a DUI. I'm an alcoholic. I mean, I get it, man. But one time, one strike is enough. And then, he's here illegally. How is that? When did we turn into this country that we catch somebody and we don't hold them for everything that they have done? OK, you have DUI — great. You've reformed yourself — great. But you're not supposed to be here.

SCOTT: Estimate is 425,000 illegal aliens are in jails and prisons in this country. And when they get out, they generally are just let go.

BECK: Why? Why are we spending the money putting these people in jail here? Let's — we catch them. We send them back to their own country. Now, you have done something serious, but if you have a traffic ticket or you got something that's going on, and you are in jail, go away.

And if you're here in our country and you do something serious like you kill somebody, well, then you're going to pay the price here, but you are not coming back. I can't believe that we are talking about this same problem that we've been talking about for — how long?

SCOTT: Well, it happens over and over again, and one of the complaints is, hey, there's not enough money in the federal budget for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency?

BECK: Yes, there is enough money to sit here and bail out insurance companies. And there's enough money — we have added $5 trillion of debt in the last three months. And there's not enough money to be able to get the guys who are killing people on the streets and sending them home?

SCOTT: Let's talk also about William Ayers. He is talking quite a bit these days. And as you might have known, he had something to say about FOX News. There he is, walking down the streets in — I think this is New York City. But anyway, he had something to say about FOX News.

Here is the quote about — let me get to it on my paper here. All right. "If you ingest way too much FOX News, you are going to be confused by a lot of things." That's what he said to students at Georgetown University last night.

BECK: Yes, if you ingest too much university talk from people like William Ayers, you are going to get confused by a lot of things, too. I can't believe — look, we live in a country and have a different point of view, that's fine. That's fine. You want to be a Marxist? That's fine. He calls himself a communist with a small C. That's fine. It's America. You can have your own view.

What I don't understand is why there is no outrage. What happened to us where there is this disconnect when we can have a guy who is saying, "I'm a communist with a small C. I'm not being violent when you I blow buildings up. And yet, I can go and work on the textbooks and teach how to help juveniles become good Americans."

Have we just completely disconnected from any kind of sanity? Our country is slipping away from us.

SCOTT: But his argument is "Hey, there are lots of different points of view, and we need to culminate them all in this country."

BECK: No, not all of them. His — that's fine, except for the violence. Yes, if you want to be a communist, if you want to be a socialist, that's totally fine. But if you noticed, no one except this network - no one except this network seems to actually care about that.

When did we disconnect from communism, socialism? When did we become a country that is like, "I don't know, we can be like France"? When did we decide that that works?

SCOTT: All right. Glenn Beck, welcome to FOX News Channel.

BECK: Thank you.

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