If You Want More From Government, Be Prepared to Pay More to Government

You want more from government, be prepared to pay more for government.

I don't know why politicians don't tell you that last inconvenient truth. But the truth it is, my friends.

Promises cost. And more benefits cost more. It's how we pay for those benefits that politicians suddenly get very fuzzy on.

But as Paul Mulshine writes of his own state's broken fiscal reality in the New JerseyStar-Ledger, higher benefits mean higher taxes.

There's simply no way around it.

And assuming you can provide healthcare for all people and mortgage relief for a lot of people, by simply increasing taxes on a few people, you're not fooling most people.

Because government help does not come cheap. And assuming a select few can carry the burden and save the majority of taxpayers the expense, is a lie.

Remember, taxes that go up for a few have a nasty habit of going up for the many.

Politicians won't tell you that. Our history has.

Look, we'd all like better schools, better teachers, better everything, without the better price tag. But life isn't that way.

You want it, you pay for it.

Now, I'm told a lot of people want it. The question this election, is if they're willing to pay for it.

This election is about deciding how much. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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