If things are truly awful, why are apple iPhones selling awfully well?

If people are having no fun, why are so many shelling out 60 bucks a pop for Xbox games to have fun?

And if the economy truly is going to hell, why are so many still going to restaurants? To eat away their misery?

Maybe some, but I don't think all.

The same politicians, I'm told, are hot to get their hands on those iPhones — apparently all the rage among congressmen, eager to expense those iPhones.

Even though they are expensive at a minimum of 200 bucks a pop, and that's without the costly calling plan.

Still, 6.9 million of these babies sold in the last quarter.

Do the folks who bought them represent 6.9 million fools? Clueless optimists? What are they? Who are they?

And not just folks buying expensive stuff.

I'd like to know who are these clueless customers who have Wal-Mart predicting a surprisingly stable Christmas? Haven't they heard the world is ending? And they're shopping????!!!

My point is not to gloss over what ails us, but put in perspective the economy for all of us.

All I'm saying is if we in the media are so intent on showing bread lines from a Depression more than 70 years ago, would it kill any of us to show the occasional Apple line from something more recent: Today.

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