If the Country Doesn't Rise Up ...

What frustrates a lot of people who call themselves social conservatives (search) is that their culture is being dismantled and reformed without any input from them.

They see themselves as hardworking, tax-paying, god-loving, war-fighting, patriotic Americans who live by standards higher than their pleasure zones. No one asked them if they mind listening to cursing on TV, blasphemy and promiscuous sex in films and now the slandering of marriage, which they regard as something special between men and women.

Not that all married heterosexuals practice what they preach about marriage, but they think the standard should remain so that individuals and society are better for it.

Social conservatives are appalled at what happened in San Francisco (search) last weekend when more than 2000 same sex couples engaged in a ceremony the mayor and other local officials called "marriage." California law specifically defines marriage as something between men and women. The mayor decided on his own to violate state law. Court challenges followed.

Social conservatives are just as shocked that four — four! — members of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court told the legislature to rewrite laws defining marriage between men and women, not to mention redefining common sense and tradition.

A revolution began when British tyrants taxed our tea. Will another begin when American officials behave as cultural tyrants? Is there nothing holy, virtuous or moral left in our nation? To look at Massachusetts and San Francisco, one would think not. If the country doesn't rise up and tell its leaders "No" to this, we will see more of it.

How low can our moral water table go? Pretty low, it would appear. If nothing is wrong, than everything is right. Do we really want to proceed down that road?

And that's Column One (search) for this week.

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