On this day after, I'm wondering if Jon is thinking maybe he should have talked to me the day before... or any of the days before.

Because this day after losing New Jersey by mere points, this simple point: Jon Corzine never got the chance to score points with the very folks who might have helped give him more points.

If only he had come on, as his opponents had come on, and taken the tough questions, as his opponents took the tough questions.

If only the governor or New Jersey had recognized Fox's viewership includes a lot of folks in New Jersey: Republican folks, independent folks, Democratic folks.

Lots of folks who could have made for lots of interesting scenarios if only Jon had reached out and talked instead of closing ranks and not.

This day after the drubbing, maybe time for a little soul-searching for Democrats who swore off Fox and are now just swearing at their staffs.

Woulda. Shoulda. Coulda.

It's hard to call these hard and fast lessons, but there's one tried and true reality: You can't pick and choose your way to office. Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell said that to me Tuesday night during my election coverage.

Maybe had his Democratic colleague in New Jersey talked to me, talked to Fox, he'd have seen what Rendell himself has already seen: We don't bite or savage; we listen and engage.

Ed knew that and now I suspect Jon knows that too. Because one's a governor still in power who gets it. And the other is soon to be a former governor who never did.

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