Say what you will of Donald Trump, but he's clear. Very clear.

Some would say very loud. Very arrogant. Very pushy. Maybe very true.

But he is clear. And there's no doubting what he says.

I think we could use more such clarity in politics.

I don't know if I'd tell the Saudis, as Mr. Trump would, to...something ...off.

But wouldn't the genteel world of politics change fast if people did start talking that way.

I think we spend a lot of time in office politics, national politics, international politics… well, just playing politics.

I see it in business all the time. Some guy's playing ridiculous power trip games behind another's back. And the other guy knows it.

What if the other guy confronted the wormy guy? Told him to stop it.

What's odd in this world is what we accept in this world.

It happens in relationships too. One party feels constantly taken advantage of, but says nothing. Just stews. And soon, just splits.

I don't think I'm over-generalizing to say a velvet glove is nice but a purposeful fist is better.

Not to hit someone but remind someone, this is how I feel and I'm not happy.

Some might be offended. But I tell you what, I'd rather get stabbed in my stomach, than my back.

Besides, in my case, the blade would go in so much easier.

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