President Obama's West Point speech wasn't a bad one, but it wasn't a great one either. If anything, it reminded me of bin Laden's speech — the one where he told us beforehand exactly when he was attacking New York. And remember when the Japanese Imperial Headquarters let us know when the planes would hit Pearl Harbor? Eerily similar.

I kid. None of that happened because our enemies never give us a heads up. But we're different. Not only do we tell them when and where, but also, when we'll go home. Terrorists? A few years is nothing when you're looking at an eternity with 72 virgins.

This is war and we need to call it war. And when we fight a war, you have to back the president. So I'm with him. But I wish he'd, you know, embrace the damn thing and say we're going to destroy these bastards, minus the egg timer. And to me, the coach shouldn't openly talk strategy until after the game, when we've beaten the beards off the other team.

My guess is, those cadets want a winner not a cost manager. The speech was less a rallying cry and more a statement by a boss who says "keep going, but watch your expenses." Even more, this is coming from a guy who will throw everything at health care reform or global warming. Shouldn't the safety of our country and our brave troops come before that crud?

But enough with the petty griping. When it comes to battle, we all stand together. And if General McCrystal is happy, then so am I — for now, I guess!

And if you disagree with me, you're probably a racist.

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