I'd Love to See a Congressional Hearing Where Congressmen do the Hearing

Just once, just once, I'd love to see a congressional hearing where congressmen do the hearing.

No speeches. No finger-pointing. No made-for-TV broadsides.

They just sit. They just listen.

For once, just once, I want to see this ritual of dragging oil.

Executives to Capitol Hill an informative event, and not a media one.

For once, just once, I'd like the witnesses treated like professionals, and not like piñatas.

And for once, just once, I'd like to see the tables turned.

Let the witnesses question the questioners.

The piñatas, the politicians.

Let them demand of Congress:

You think we're making too much money? What are you doing with all our money?

You won't let us explore for more oil here, but you're ripping OPEC for not producing more oil over there? Who's the bigger hypocrite? Or the more sanctimonious ass?

And year after year, you repeatedly reject the president's energy plan, then have the temerity to complain he has no plan?

Frankly, senators, you have no soul.

You'd sooner point fingers at us, than get down to work for us.

Just like you'd sooner rip successful American companies who refine that pricey oil than the slippery folks at OPEC who provide it.

Just whose side are you on...the folks who want to get that oil here...or the thieving bastards you kowtow to over there?

Then for once, just once, I'd like the oil guys to stand up in unison and say, senators, we have companies to run.

We're sure you have press conferences to conduct.

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